Surprise, surprise: London has the world's most expensive monthly commute, thanks to the price of a travelcard

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You probably won't have to (or be able to, if you're on the Tube) sit down to hear this bombshell: a new report has named London the most expensive place to buy a monthly travelcard in the world.

The report, by Deutsche Bank, put London at the top of a 47-strong list including New York City, Tokyo and Zurich thanks to the $174 (£126) cost of the monthly commute (and that's just for zones one and two).

London's position at the top of the ranking is despite a seven per cent drop in the real-terms cost of the travelcard.

Second on the list was Dublin, with an average monthly cost of $132, followed by Auckland, where monthly travel costs $123 a month.

The sixth annual Mapping the World's Prices report also ranked cities by off-the-wall metrics including how much it costs to buy a pint of beer in a neighbourhood pub, where London fell five positions from last year to 13th; as well as how much it costs to buy two litres of Coca-Cola (London was 12th, down six positions) and the cost of renting a car for a day (where the capital came third, down from first last year).

Overall, though, Zurich was ranked the most expensive place to live, while London slipped out of the top 10 thanks to the weak pound.

How London measures up: comparing the cost of living in the capital

Index London's ranking Top-ranked city/country
Monthly incomes 13 (down three places) Zurich
Monthly rent 3 (down 1 place) San Francisco
Disposable income 24 (down two places) Zurich
Cost of a weekend getaway 4 (down 2 places) Milan
Cheap date index 11 (same as last year) Zurich
Bad habits index* 10 (down four places) Oslo
Price of an iPhone 7 25 (UK, rather than London) Turkey
Price of an iPhone 6 25 Brazil
Daily car rental 3 (down two places) Amsterdam
Five star hotel rooms 2 (up one place) Milan
Two litres of Coca-Cola 12 (down six places) Oslo
A pint in a neighbourhood pub 13 (down five places) Oslo
A pair of trainers 18 (down two places) Copenhagen
A pair of jeans 19 (down seven places) Copenhagen
Monthly ticket for public transport 1 (same as last year) London
New mid-size car 24 (down three places) Singapore
One litre of fuel 10 (down five places) Hong Kong
A five-mile taxi journey 20 (up four places) Zurich
A ticket to the movies 5 (down three places) Zurich
Gym membership 10 (down four places) Tokyo

* cost of 5 pints + 2 packs of cigarettes

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