Disruption at Heathrow after flights cancelled due to security issue at Terminal 3: Suspicious item found in airport

Caitlin Morrison
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Flights out of Heathrow were suspended earlier today (Source: Getty)

Travellers have experienced disruption to their journeys via Heathrow this morning after a number of flights were cancelled due to a security issue.

The Metropolitan Police said they were working with Heathrow after a report of a suspicious item detected by X-ray of some luggage.

Flights were suspended while the problem was investigated, but the suspension has now been lifted. It is not yet known how this will impact later scheduled departures.

"Departures were suspended for a short time from Terminal 3 due to a security issue," a spokesperson for Heathrow said.

"We are very sorry to any passengers whose journeys are affected. The safety and security of our passengers and colleagues is paramount.”

Airport staff also explained the problem to concerned passengers on social media.

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