These are the world's best (and worst) jobs of 2017 - look away journalists

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Maths-focused jobs topped the list while reporters sank to the bottom (Source: Getty)

Those searching for a new job might want to sharpen up their maths skills.

A new report says jobs for those with a knack for numbers ranked at the top of the list of the best jobs of 2017 as businesses look for candidates with analytical minds.

The top job for this year was a statistician, a role that takes home an annual median salary of $80,110 (£61,901) and has a growth outlook of 34 per cent for the seven years to 2024, according to the latest CareerCast jobs report.

Other maths-related careers that placed high on the list for 2017 included: mathematician, data scientist and operations research analyst.

"The demand for workers with math skills spans a variety of professions and industries, including marketing, banking, government, sports, retail, and healthcare," said Kyle Kensing, online editor of CareerCast.

"Those with math and analytic skills are highly prized for their ability to develop solutions that uncover hidden solutions to business challenges."

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On the flip-side, the two lowest ranking jobs of 2017 were newspaper reporter and broadcaster. The journalism industry professions have taken on a heightened importance and increased scrutiny in recent years, the report said.

"Both of these industries have felt the years-long squeeze of diminishing job prospects, due to declining advertising revenue that has impacted the newspaper, radio and television industries,” said Kensing.

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See the full rankings below.

The 10 best jobs of 2017 Annual median salary (in USD) Growth outlook (to 2024)
1. Statistician $80,110 34 per cent
2. Medical services manager $94,500 17 per cent
3. Operations research analyst $78,630 30 per cent
4. Information security analyst $90,120 18 per cent
5. Data scientist $111,267 16 per cent
6. University professor (tenured) $72,470 13 per cent
7. Mathematician $111,100 21 per cent
8. Software engineer $100,690 17 per cent
9. Occupational therapist $80,150 27 per cent
10. Speech pathologist $73,410 21 per cent

The 10 worst jobs of 2017 Annual median salary (in USD) Growth outlook (to 2024)
200. Newspaper reporter $36,360 minus nine per cent
199. Broadcaster $37,720 minus 13 per cent
198. Logger $36,210 four per cent
197. Enlisted military personnel $27,936 n/a
196. Pest control worker $32,162 minus one per cent
195. Disc jockey $30,080 minus 11 per cent
194. Advertising sales person $48,490 minus three per cent
193. Firefighter $46,870 five per cent
192. Retail salesperson $22,040 seven per cent
191. Taxi driver $23,510 13 per cent

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