Ukip leader Paul Nuttall says he won't resign if he doesn't get elected

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UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall Launches Their General Election Campaign
Ukip launched its General Election campaign today (Source: Getty)

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall has said he will not resign his position if he fails to be elected as an MP on 8 June.

In a press conference today Nuttall confirmed he will stand in the General Election and said he will announce where he will stand tomorrow.

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He said the current electoral system gives an unfair advantage to the two established parties, and that Ukip will be campaigning to abolish the first past the post system. Ukip will also make the argument for an English Parliament and an elected replacement to the House of Lords.

"It's a Brexit election and we will have our candidates out there," he said.

The party's controversial policy on banning the burka has come under criticism is recent days; Ukip's foreign spokesperson resigned over the issue this week saying that it infringes civil liberties.

Defending the party's position today, Nuttall said : "We will also be asking that people show their face in a public place."

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