Mapped: Here's where the world's richest chief executives live

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Most of the world's richest chief executives live in London (Source: Getty)

Already made it to the corner office but want to increase your salary? Look no further than the capital - it has more millionaire chief executives than any other city in the world.

That's according to a new study, which showed chief executives in London are more likely to be millionaires than anywhere else, with 2.9 per cent earning six-figure salaries. San Francisco came second, at 2.6 per cent, while New York came third, with 2.1 per cent.

However, the study, by trends site Compelo, showed the US has more millionaires than anywhere else, with almost half of the world's wealthy chief executives living across the pond.

The study also showed the most millionaire chief execs work in tech, with 18 per cent raking in six figures, compared with 15 per cent of financial services bosses and eight per cent of retail bosses.

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But while tech bosses tend to make between $1m and $5m, the richest chief executives tend to be diversified across several sectors: the likes of Koch Industries boss Charles Koch and Virgin chief exec Richard Branson report their wealth in the billions, rather than the millions.

Still, if you're a man at the end of your sixth decade, expect your salary to hit six figures soon: the average millionaire chief executive is now a 58 year old male with wealth of between $5m and $30m. Half of millionaires are self-made, while only 38 per cent made their money from a salaried position.

Just seven per cent acquired their wealth through family money. So much for accusations of nepotism in business...

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