Europe will "for sure" sign a free trade deal with the UK, says EU trade commissioner

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British Prime Minister Greets European Commission President in Downing Street
Theresa May met with Jean Claude Juncker in Downing Street earlier this week (Source: Getty)

The European Union will reach a free trade deal with Britain after the country leaves, the bloc's trade commissioner has insisted.

EU leaders will meet this weekend to discuss negotiation priorities ahead of the formal launch of talks, and Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly stressed her willingness to walk away from talks.

However, speaking at a conference in Copenhagen, Swedish official Cecilia Malmstrom said: "It's uncharted territory but I'm sure we will solve it. We will have a free trade agreement, that is for sure."

When asked again whether she was certain, Malmstrom said: "Of course".

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Malmstrom also said the EU could yet resume paused trade negotiations with the US on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

"There is still a very good case to take negotiations on TTIP between EU and the US forward but I think we need to wait a little bit more for them to assess where we were, where we stopped, where they want to go," she said.

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