Brexit regret? It looks like the UK's starting to feel it as more people now think it was wrong than right, fresh poll reveals

Lynsey Barber
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It might be more wrong than right for many, but Brexit is already go (Source: Getty)

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. For many, that means changing their mind about Brexit.

More people think the vote to leave the EU was wrong than right for the first time since the landmark referendum last June, a new poll has shown.

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The poll suggested 45 per cent of Britons now think it was the wrong decision, compared with 43 per cent who believe it was the right outcome.

This shifting allegiance, identified in a YouGov poll for the Times, comes as the country unexpectedly heads towards a General Election.

The view it was right to leave hardened among the over 65s, however. Some 65 per cent thought it was right, compared with an earlier poll where 61 per cent said the same.

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Among Leave voters, the number of people continuing to back it slipped two percentage points, although it remained high at 85 per cent.

Sentiment against Brexit grew in Remain-voting London, while outside the capital the number who thought it was wrong stayed largely the same. However, the number who agreed it was the right thing slipped four per cent in the North, shifting largely to a position where they were not sure either way.

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