Bullish CBI boss Carolyn Fairbarn tells the UK to remind Europe of the value of British trade

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Fairbairn campaigned for a Remain vote in the Brexit referendum (Source: Getty)

British firms will today ask the UK's Brexit negotiators to remind European politicians of the value of cross-channel trade.

Talks will not kick off until after the General Election, but the CBI will today stress the mutual benefits of establishing a good trading relationship.

The CBI has valued annual UK-EU trade at €600bn (£508bn) and in a speech at Cambridge University today, CBI director general Carolyn Fairbairn will say that the UK's negotiators must remind European politicians “just how much we have all benefitted”.

“We need to make sure politicians in all EU countries understand just how much we have all benefitted.

“It would be good for the members of the Bundestag to know that German firms supply 60 per cent of the electronics in yachts built by a firm in Norwich.

“And for French senators to know that small and medium-sized firms in Paris have been building robots that fix wind turbines with an engineering company here in Cambridge,” Fairbairn will say.

“Across the continent, businesses are the wealth creators. They’re generating jobs, supporting families and changing lives. And many are now looking at how Brexit will affect the way they work.”

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‚ÄčThe comments come after the Federation of Small Businesses this week warned against applying new visa charges to European nationals coming to the UK after Brexit.

And separately, the long-running battle over London’s euro clearing crown heated up again yesterday. French finance minister Michel Sapin told the BBC “the majority of the clearing houses cannot remain in London”.

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