Amazon Echo Look: Its latest voice device is a crazy Clueless-style digital wardrobe with an Alexa activated camera and style assistant

Lynsey Barber
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Amazon Echo Look
A new Amzon Echo device is aimed squarely at fashion (Source: Amazon)

Amazon has unexpectedly launched a new Echo smart assistant device that lets users take pictures of their outfits to create a digital wardrobe in a modern day, real-life version of Clueless.

The famous scene in the hit 90s movie showed the main character Cher pick outfits from a database of images on her computer.

Now, Amazon fashion has launched a device that features a voice activated full-length camera with pictures sent to your phone, building up a catalogue of outfits based on your wardrobe. It also has video for seeing how you're dressed at every angle.

Amazon is pitching the device, priced at $199, as a hands-free camera and style assistant.

It also offers fashion advice using machine learning and real-life style advisers.

WATCH: The Amazon Echo Look in action

WATCH: The Clueless digital wardrobe in action

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