"Brexit" is in the running to be France's word of the year

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Brexit was listed alongside post-truth and populism (Source: Getty)

It may be dominating the British agenda, but it seems Brexit is just as important across the channel, after it was shortlisted as one of France's words of the year.

French newspaper Le Figaro reported that Brexit was listed alongside "post-vérité" (post-truth) and "populisme" (populism) among candidates for word of the year.

The words were shortlisted by almost 2,500 students ahead of the 13th Mot de la Charité-sur-Loire Festival close to Dijon. The winner will be voted for by the public, as well as a jury made up of journalists, writers and French language experts.

In 2016 the festival chose "refugee" as its word of the year. Coming as Europe's refugee crisis was being blamed for a spate of terror attacks in the country, that shows a certain generosity of spirit from the French public, 100,000 of whom chose it from a list including the words "radicalisation", "security" and "republic".

At the end of last year Oxford Dictionaries named "post-truth" its international word of the year, from a shortlist including "Alt-right", "hygge" - and "Brexiteer".

"We first saw the frequency really spike this year in June with buzz over the Brexit vote and Donald Trump securing the Republican presidential nomination," said Casper Grathwohl, president of Oxford Dictionaries.

"Given that usage of the term hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, I wouldn’t be surprised if post-truth becomes one of the defining words of our time."

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French word of the year: the candidates

Word Translation
Brexit Er, Brexit
Hésitation Hesitation
Clivant To divide or separate
Promesses Pledges, promises
Post-vérité Post-truth
Posture To posture
Fictif Fictitious
Colère Anger
Renouveau Renewal
Populisme Populism
Matraque Baton/truncheon

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