Gett and social care startup Cera announce partnership for London cabbies to deliver medicine on-demand to elderly patients

Rebecca Smith
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Cera's carers and their patients will be able to access Gett's courier service by its app (Source: Getty)

On-demand black cab app Gett is partnering with social care startup Cera to deliver over the counter medicines and other essential items to elderly patients.

The deliveries by London's trainee cab drivers should help keep people out of hospital, according to Cera.

Cera uses technology to match up those needing care with an experienced carer at the right time and right place. It has also partnered with several NHS trusts and hospitals.

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The new service with Gett is aimed at cracking down on the large number of emergency hospital admissions; 15 per cent of which are thought to be avoidable, according to Health Foundation research.

Cera and Gett's partnership will mean a carer, or the patient themselves, can request everything from painkillers to rehydration sachets to cough syrup, and many other non-prescription products.

The service will initially launch in zones one and two, with Cera's carers and patients accessing Gett's on-demand courier service through its app, Cera's online service or by a phone call.

The service will be set up through Gett's courier service
The service will be set up through Gett's courier service (Source: Gett)

One of Gett's 100-strong fleet of couriers will then collect items from a central location and deliver them to the patient's door within an hour. Cera's carers and patients will also be able to use the Gett app to call for a wheelchair accessible black cab and trained driver.

Dr Ben Maruthappu, co-founder and president of Cera, said:

This partnership provides patients with access to rapid, responsive and on-demand services that have proved successful in other industries, while empowering our carer-workers.

The right medication at the right time can make the difference between an A&E admission, and an evening at home.

By partnering with innovative companies such as Gett we are building technology–enabled care solutions that benefit patients, families, carers and the NHS alike.

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Matteo de Renzi, Gett's managing director in western Europe, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Cera, helping to keep elderly people in London healthy and in their own homes. I’m delighted we can now also support Cera’s patients and carers with this unique service, keeping them well and out of hospital.”

It follows a similar partnership announced between Cera and Uber last month, where Uber drivers will be trained to transport non-emergency patients around.

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