Uber believes flying cars will be as cheap as taxis and wants to support them by 2020 with network plans

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Uber flying car network scheduled for 2020 unveiling
Uber's flying car network is scheduled for a 2020 unveiling (Source: Uber)

Uber believes that getting a flying car could be as cheap as grabbing a taxi, or even owning your own car, as it plans to bring the technology to fruition by 2020.

The billion-dollar startup lifted the veil on its ambitions to bring the futuristic idea to market, saying it wants to be "the glue that makes the entire ecosystem work".

It will partner with manufacturers designing vehicles, real estate companies, tech developers and suppliers as well as working with authorities to work out how to regulate the fledgling transportation.

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Speaking on stage at conference in Dallas, Uber product chief Jeff Holden, who called flying cars "a natural next step" for Uber, said talks with Nasa and the Federal Aviation Administration had already taken place.

Dallas and Dubai will be the locations for putting plans into action, and in the US it is working with a developer to create four vertaports for the vehicles to land and take off from by the end of the year.

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It is working with aircraft makers Aurora Flight Sciences, Pipistrel Aircrafts, private jet company Embraer, Bell helicopters and Mooney as well as ChargePoint to create electric charging capacity for the vehicles.

Uber has set itself the ambitious goal of demonstrating a network for flying cars by 2020.

The tech startup is just the latest to jump aboard the growing trend for flying cars. Two firms have debuted their design prototypes in recent weeks while Google's Larry Page has backed another.

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