Feeling a shade happier? That's because this "Natural Optimism" colour will cheer you up

Rebecca Smith
Got that blue sky feeling yet?
Got that blue sky feeling yet? (Source: Twinings)

Feeling a bit blue?

Have no fear, for Twinings Infusions and Pantone have teamed up to identify a colour which they say will cheer you up when you see it.

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Brits aren't the most optimistic bunch - recent Twinings' research found a quarter of Brits don't feel positive about their day-to-day life, while over two-thirds said recent worldwide events had made them feel less optimistic. It surveyed 2,000 adults.

So the Pantone Colour Institute and Twinings have looked far and wide to identify the colour geared to turn a case of the blues into "that blue sky feeling".

Feeling cynical? Have a look and decide for yourself...

Feeling a shade brighter now?
Feeling a shade brighter now? (Source: Twinings)

This is "Natural Optimism", which is meant to be reminiscent of blue skies on a sunny day and blooming flowers, which are the sights Brits say make them feel most optimistic.

Laurie Pressman, vice-president Pantone Colour Institute, said of the pick: “While cool in temperature, blues – particularly the softer mid-tone shades – speak to spring and summer when all of nature’s colours are in full bloom. Twinings’ ‘Natural Optimism', an airy and weightless blue shade with an undertone of sunny yellow warmth, uniquely conveys this feeling of delight. From blue skies to bluebells, Twinings’ ‘Natural Optimism’ is reminiscent of the naturally occurring blues in the UK at this time of year.”

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