Horrible bosses? You're not alone - four in 10 say their boss is a bad manager

Tom Rees
Got a Horrible Boss? So do four in 10 of the population (Source: YouTube)

Almost half the UK's employees believe they are managed by a "bad boss" and feel out of their depth at work, according to data compiled by recruitment firm Robert Half.

The annual study, which surveys over 2,000 employees across the UK, found a quarter of employees felt they didn’t have the right skills or experience to do their job. Some 18 per cent of employees didn’t know what is expected of them at work.

According to the recruiter, bosses that look to develop employees and broaden their skill sets will “boost” their retention figures.

The older generation is the most disgruntled with those managing it, with only 56 per cent of people over 55 saying they were well-managed compared to 71 per cent of 18-34 years olds. Robert Half said the figures showed the older generation do not receive the same support at work as their younger counterparts.

Phil Sheridan, senior managing director at Robert Half UK, said: “Concerns over the skills shortage, employee retention and workplace productivity, are all high on a business leaders’ priority list today.

“Ensuring that all managers within your organisation are well trained to offer support and guidance to employees in the short and long-term can have a significant impact on employee happiness.”

Meanwhile, further figures by Robert Half have suggested HR directors have seen staff turnover increase during the last three years.

Although boredom and poor work-life balance were the most commonly cited reasons for high staff turnover, Sheridan said: “[UK businesses] are beginning to realise they need to prioritise the implementation of effective retention strategies as their current efforts have been unsuccessful in addressing the underlying causes of voluntary staff turnover”.

Despite the figures, two-thirds of employees said they still find a sense of accomplishment from their work and four in five believe that workplace happiness is a collaborative effort between management and its employees.

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