Uber to clarify plans for flying cars ahead of Dallas summit

James Somper
Uber Taxi App In Madrid
Uber are set to unveil new technology (Source: Getty)

Uber is set to reveal details of its ambitious flying car concept at its annual summit in Dallas this week.

The event, which the San Francisco firm claim will “build awareness” of the aerial technology, comes after a high-profile lawsuit with Google over driverless technology and the resignation of a number of senior figures from the company.

The vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOL’s) which were successfully tested last week by Lilium, a German based startup, take off like a helicopter but are also capable of jet-powered flight.

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Uber, which is estimated to be worth $70bn (£54.6bn) claim that the technology could end the millions of hours people waste sitting in traffic jams. The company will this week hold a summit in Dallas to unveil progress towards the large-scale introduction of airborne cars.

The company have claimed that the technology “has the potential to radically improve urban mobility, giving people back time lost in their daily commutes. Uber is close to the commute pain that citizens in cities around the world feel. We view helping to solve this problem as core to our mission and our commitment to our rider base.”

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