Jupiter Asset Management face backlash after proposed 50 per cent pay increase for CEO

Georgina Varley
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Jupiter planned to boost Slendebroek's salary by 50 per cent (Source: Getty)

Jupiter Asset Management is under fire from its shareholders after attempting to give a lavish pay increase to its boss.

The planned 50 per cent pay rise for Maarten Slendebroek was pulled after a number of institutions objected to it.

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Jupiter planned to boost its chief executive's salary from £250,000 to £375,000. The company did, however, intend to cap Slendebroek's potential bonus.

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"The plan to cap bonuses was a good idea but when shareholders saw the 50 per cent pay rise there was a backlash," said one of Jupiter's largest shareholders who spoke to the Sunday Times.

The new pay policy was due to be put to a binding shareholder vote at Jupiter's annual meeting on 17 May.

It will now "seek shareholder approval for a limited 12-month extension to its existing policy".

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