The Conservatives are touching a massive 50 per cent support in the latest polls

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Prime Minster Theresa May Campaigns In Dudley
The UK heads to the polls on 8 June (Source: Getty)

Theresa May's Conservatives are currently being backed by a massive 50 per cent of voters, new polling figures suggest.

Two separate surveys this morning put support for the Tories at almost half of UK adults, with Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party dramatically cut adrift.

A ComRes survey for the Sunday Mirror found that 50 per cent backed May's party, compared to 25 per cent for Labour, putting the Conservatives on track for a huge majority of more than 200 seats and marking the first time in 15 years that any party has notched support of half the public.

The pollster also found that 13 per cent of Labour's 2015 voters would now consider backing the Tories, while 11 per cent were mulling support for Tim Farron's Liberal Democrats.

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Similarly, YouGov figures published in the Sunday Times this morning found that 48 per cent currently intend to vote Tory, with a 24 per cent backing Labour, with the gap between the two parties increasing by three points.

And the number of voters backing May, personally, has also increased. 54 per cent now say that May would make a better Prime Minister than Corbyn, with just 15 per cent arguing the opposite.

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