Ministers hopes to hit the charts in Chinese music drive time

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Charlie Gracie In London
Garnier will lead the mission to Beijing through next week. (Source: Getty)

Ministers are to launch a “music mission” to China in a bid to support British artists trying to break into the lucrative market.

Trade secretary Liam Fox's department will lead the trip next week, alongside the Association of Independent Music and the British Phonographic Industry.

Focused on Beijing will feature conferences, artist showcases and music company visits, as it seeks to boost access to the Chinese market, worth £134m in 2015.

Trade minister Mark Garnier said: “The UK is a global leader in the music industry - from Adele to Ed Sheeran, music is one of our most important exports.”

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Ministers have also handed out £140,000 in grants to 12 acts from across the UK to boost their ability to export music to foreign markets.

It marks the latest stage in the Music Exports Growth Scheme established in 2014.

BPI Director of International Chris Tams, said: “Since the scheme began three years ago, for every £1 invested we’ve seen an average return of around £10, which is hugely encouraging and underlines the vital role that government can play in supporting the success of British music around the world.”

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