Jeremy Corbyn slams the brakes on second referendum speculation

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Jeremy Corbyn Addresses A Refugees Welcome Here Rally
Corbyn refused to rule out a second Brexit vote in Central London earlier today (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has moved to shut down speculation that the party will offer voters a second Brexit referendum, hours after he failed to rule the proposal out.

Asked about the potential policy earlier today, Corbyn failed to answer, preferring instead to talk about his party's stance on Brexit talks.

However, a spokesman for the Labour leader has now scotched the possibility.

"A second referendum is not our policy and it won't be in our manifesto," Corbyn's spokesman said.

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Corbyn's comments came at a Central London event in which the Labour leader railed against "rigged systems" and "cosy cartels".

In his first big speech since Prime Minister Theresa May secured an early election on 8 June, Corbyn - who has been an MP for almost 35 years - claimed "the establishment" don't want his party to secure victory.

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