Jeremy Corbyn refuses to rule out a second Brexit referendum

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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Begins Campaign For The 2017 General Election
Corbyn made the first major speech of Labour's election campaign earlier today. (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has failed to rule out including an offer for a second Brexit referendum at his first campaign event ahead of the General Election.

Speaking in Central London, Corbyn railed against "rigged systems" and promised to upset the odds in the vote on 8 June.

Labour will publish a full manifesto ahead of the vote, but senior figures within the party are divided on whether or not to offer voters a second Brexit vote on the final terms agreed with the EU, The Times reports.

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And asked about the potential policy earlier today, the Labour leader instead talked about his priorities for Brexit talks.

"We've set out our lines on negotiation. Primarily it is about gaining and retaining tariff free access to the European market," Corbyn said.

"We respect the result of the referendum, but there still has to be an economic relationship with Europe."

Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin MP responded: “This is yet more evidence of chaos from Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. It shows they can’t provide the strong and stable leadership Britain needs at this serious moment in our history."

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It comes as Labour Treasury Select Committee member Helen Goodman failed to defend her party leader when asked if he was a suitable candidate to be Prime Minister.

"I don't think that this election is about changing the government," Goodman said.

"I think this election is about preventing the Tories from getting such an overwhelming majority that there is no possibility of dissent in this country."

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