Huawei P10 Plus review: The Chinese manufacturer's flagship is their best yet, but can it hold off Samsung?

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Huawei P10 Plus

The Huawei P10 Plus is a very thin phone. It’s so thin that, were you ever to accidentally stand perpendicular to it, you run the risk of losing it for good. It’s thinner than the iPhone 7 (which is a notoriously thin phone) and flatter too, with no protruding camera bump to speak of. But thin as the phone is, the camera is the P10 Plus’s key selling point.

Huawei has continued partnering with Leica to create the phone’s rear-facing dual-camera, which combines a 12MP regular sensor with a 20MP monochrome sensor for a noticeable improvement in picture contrast and detail. The camera software is geared towards professionals, with a full manual mode available to tinker with, and that dual-camera setup allows for switching out to a wide-angle view, or narrow-aperture depth of field and bokeh in close ups.

Huawei’s EMUI operating system is a reworked version of Android, and is infamous for its stomach-turning colour schemes. Things improve with the P10 and P10 Plus, with some more muted tones on offer and the reintroduction of the app tray.

While the P10 Plus is an impressive handset in nearly every regard, it’s the price tag that gives pause for thought. At £679 it sidles up against the very best flagships going, and as well-specced as the phone is there are more powerful alternatives by Samsung, Apple and Google. And cheaper ones by OnePlus.

A phone for photography nerds and Huawei fans.

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