Parliament set to confirm General Election on 8 June in House of Commons vote this afternoon

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MPs will vote later today to allow the General Election to take place (Source: Getty)

The House of Commons is set to vote today on the bill which will confirm the General Election for 8 June.

Prime Minister Theresa May shocked the nation yesterday by announcing she would seek an election after stating she would not do so as recently as one month ago.

MPs must vote for the election to take place under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act of 2011, which stipulates there must be a two-thirds majority in the Commons for an early election to take place.

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The bill, “That there shall be an early parliamentary general election”, is the second item of business in Parliament today after Prime Minister’s Questions, where leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn will be able to grill May for the first time over her election plan.

While Labour’s opposition to the bill would prevent it passing with the requisite majority, Corbyn yesterday welcomed the chance to go to the polls.

Prime Minister’s Questions will be an important opportunity for Corbyn to debate with May, after sources yesterday said she would not consent to televised debates, which had taken a central place in previous election campaigns under David Cameron.

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However, most polls show May's Conservative party is likely to win in a landslide, giving her little incentive to open herself to live televised debate.

Calculations from Electoral Calculus show Labour could lose up to 50 seats, based on polling data gathered by

The Conservatives could win 40 or more seats in such a scenario, bolstering their majority and weakening the right wing of the party which has put the Prime Minister and the chancellor under pressure repeatedly.

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