What would the House of Commons look like if Theresa May's election took place today?

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General Election 2015 Week Six
The UK is expected to go to the polls on 8 June. (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister Theresa May's shock early election could hand the Conservatives a majority of more than 100 according to polling figures.

May announced her plans for a June ballot earlier today, but her decision will have been based, in part, on historic polling lows for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party.

The Prime Minister currently enjoys a working majority of just 17 in the House of Commons, but surveys of the public suggest she could boost that advantage five-fold by heading to the polls early.

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Polling data gathered by BritainElects.com suggests the Conservatives have enjoyed an average lead of almost 17 per cent over the last two months.

Calculations by Electoral Calculus, equate that polling performance to a loss of almost 50 seats for Labour, with possible losses in the capital including that of Treasury Select Committee member Wes Streeting.

Courtesy of ElectoralCalculus.co.uk

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