How have politicians reacted to Theresa May's early election announcement?

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UK General Election 2015 - Miscellaneous Week One
The UK is expected to go to the polls on 8 June. (Source: Getty)

Theresa May this morning made the shock announcement that she would seek an early geenral election on 8 June.

MPs will be asked to vote in favour of the motion tomorrow, but in the meantime, how is the news going down in and around the House of Commons?


Chancellor Philip Hammond is among the most senior members of government to have commented and, unsurprisingly, he seems to be on board.

The chair of May's policy board has also welcomed the surprise move to seek a vote on 8 June

And former PM David Cameron may no longer be an MP, but his voice will still be a big endorsement for his successor...


Jeremy Corbyn has welcomed the announcement, but at least one Labour MP has already revealed they won't seek re-election in June.

Treasury committee member and Ilford North MP Wes Streeting is not thrilled about the order of the PM's decisions.

And Cardiff MP Jo Stevens seems equally unexcited


Tim Farron is excitedly talking about fighting Theresa May's "hard Brexit", and fresh off the back of a stolen seat in Richmond and strong performances in other by-elections, Lib Dems - seem optimistic.


Meanwhile, up in Holyrood, first minister Nicola Sturgeon is warning that victory for May will bring deeper cuts to public services.

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