These are the 20 best places to live for young professionals: Hove tops most desired list but London dominates

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The seaside town of Hove trumped London again (Source: Getty)

Hove has it when it comes to ticking the right boxes for young professionals searching to set up home, but, they are paying a a premium for the postcode.

The East Sussex seaside town was found to be the most popular place to buy for the third year in a row, with young professionals forking out a premium of £71,000 on average to live in the desirable area.

The average property price in the postcode comes in at £735,874, compared to £664,716 in the wider area.

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Wandsworth was deemed the second most desirable spot, followed by Wimbledon, with Fulham and Battersea rounding out the top five.

London boroughs dominate the top 20, with just Brighton, Reading amd Didsbury joining Hove in areas further afield, ranking seventh, 18th and 20th respectively.

"Aspiring young professionals are typically well qualified, in well paid jobs and tend to live in areas not far from the city centre where they work," said Andrew Mason, mortgage products director at Lloyds Bank which conducted the research.

"These are also places where they can enjoy easy access to green space and a range of places to socialise. These buyers also don’t appear to be put off by the significant premium in price to live in areas popular with young professionals."

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Ranking Location Average house price
1 Hove £380,326
2 Wandsworth £763,418
3 Wimbledon £703,388
4 Fulham £1,090,094
5 Battersea £891,796
6 Tower Hamlets £526,060
7 Brighton £383,819
8 Streatham £468,161
9 Hampstead £1,352,836
10 Putney £742,683
11 Tooting £677,614
12 Ealing £687,851
13 Hammersmith & Fulham £1,139,668
14 Kilburn £897,236
15 Paddington £1,231,224
16 Balham £810,975
17 Brixton £587,147
18 Reading £265,342
19 Chiswick £857,792
20 Didsbury £260,057

But, it's those wanting to live in Chiswick, the 19th most desirable place to live for young professionals, who were found to be paying the biggest premium at £370,988. That's 76 per cent higher than the rest of the borough.

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