Boris Johnson offers Russia a deal on Syria crisis

Helen Cahill
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Johnson has said there is still time for the Russians to change direction over Syria (Source: Getty)

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has offered the Russians an opportunity to end the Syria crisis, saying they can still come out on the "right side of the argument".

Writing for the Sunday Telegraph, Johnson said the UK and its allies will gather evidence to prosecute those who were responsible for a recent chemical weapons attack in Syria.

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US president Donald Trump launched airstrikes against Syria after a gas attack in the country that killed 70 people.

Trump and May have agreed that the most recent attack in Syria presents a window for ending Russia's support for the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

However, Johnson has faced criticism for not persuading G7 countries to agree to sanctions against Russia for its ties with Assad.

Now, Johnson has said: "Assad uses chemical weapons because they are not only horrible and indiscriminate.

"They are also terrifying. In that sense he is himself an arch-terrorist, who has caused such an unquenchable thirst for revenge that he can never hope to govern his population again."

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