Uber insists accelerating sales outpace losses in first public discussion of finances

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Uber recently announced it will be leaving Denmark because of harsh regulations (Source: Getty)

Ride-hailing app Uber has opened up about its financials for the first time, revealing it more than doubled gross bookings last year but still registered a loss.

In 2016 gross bookings at the scandal-hit transport group reached $20bn (£16bn), while its net revenue came in at $6.5bn.

Although its sales growth has outpaced losses, it still booked an adjusted net loss of $2.8bn - excluding its Chinese business, which was sold last summer.

Gross bookings accelerated 28 per cent to $6.9bn in the final quarter of last year, but though losses reached $991m in the same period.

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Uber did not provide specific first quarter figures to Bloomberg, which released the results in an interview, but a company spokeswoman said they "seem to be in line with expectations".

Separately, in an emailed statement Uber's regional manager for the US and Canada, Rachel Holt, said:

We’re fortunate to have a healthy and growing business, giving us the room to make the changes we know are needed on management and accountability, our culture and organisation, and our relationship with drivers.

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As a private company, Uber (or, in its full name, Uber Technologies Inc) is not required to publicly report any annual or quarterly figures. It is valued at $68bn.

The results release comes soon after a slew of controversies and executive-level departures at the firm.

In February, it was hit by serious allegations of sexism in the workplace after explosive revelations from a former engineer, followed soon after by a leaked video showing chief executive Travis Kalanick in a heated argument with a driver over the app's pay rates.

Uber's president Jeff Jones quit around a fortnight after the video was released (he had been at the firm for just six months) and earlier this week its communications director, Rachel Whetstone, left the firm after a two-year stint.

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