Two brothers have created Clear Coffee and it's super-weird

Lian Parsons
Coffee isn't just brown anymore (Source: Getty)

Love coffee but hate what happens to soft furnishings when you spill it? Never fear: a pair of brothers has created a colourless coffee which won't stain your sofa.

David and Adam Nagy of Slovakia launched CLR CFF last year, a company focused on developing a beverage that looks like water but tastes like coffee.

Source: Instagram/@clrcff

The purpose behind it, David Nagy said, was to create something that satisfied those coffee cravings without staining teeth.

The nutrition facts are just as baffling as the product itself, as it seems to contain, well, almost nothing, though it does claim to contain 27g of coffee from freshly roasted Arabia beans per bottle.

Source: Instagram/@clrcff

Retailers in the capital seem impressed: Clear Coffee can be found at Eat 17, The Current in Wanstead, Selfridges, Whole Foods and St. Helen’s Cafe and Deli.

Source: Instagram/@clrcff

You can also order bottles online at £5.99 for two or £14.99 for five. That’ll give you a buzz.

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