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A beginner's guide to app store distribution

Tim Armes
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App Store Distribution
Returns may stagnate as the app market grows more crowded. (Source:

From July 2008 through to September 2016, there have been 140bn apps downloaded from the Apple app store alone. Apps are one of the key drivers of smartphone adoption, set to rise by seven percent over the next three years.

Onlookers have seen the app market grow, and as the market grows, so does the number of application developers.

As device manufacturers see market penetration reach new levels, app developers may find their returns stagnate as the field become ever more crowded. The appScatter platform is a unique toolset of services to allow developers the ability to distribute their apps across every relevant app store.

Streamlined distribution

Distribution is fundamental. With over 500 app stores available, it would not make any sense for an app only to get found in two. Up until now, reaching out to the top 50 performing stores was a time-consuming manual process; appScatter have changed this.

The Art of Distribution

If you were to release a book, would you be happy for it to be on one shelf of one store? Much like the success of book sales, your application needs to get distributed to the top app stores; this is the first step in justifying the resources spent on the development of your mobile application.

Benefits of appScatter

Having your app appearing on just one store can be a futile process. Although going to the Apple app store first may tick boxes on individual check sheets, the truly accelerated growth for your application will only be achievable with market insights, competitor analysis, and keyword opportunities all being available to you at the same time. As the above makes clear, just one storefront is not going to be enough. 'Broad is Best' is a proven strategy, but must be balanced by an appreciation of the amount of work this approach entails.

In the face of such a workload, the services provided by the appScatter platform can pay dividends. We allow you to absorb much of the procedural time and cost.

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