Advertorial: Encounters with nature are crucial to our wellbeing. Here's how we incorporated them into Wardian London

Hayleigh O'Farrell
The bar at the residents' Skylounge club

London has long been famous for its sprawling green spaces, defined as much by its parks, squares and gardens as it is by its commercial and residential buildings.

Research shows that humans are instinctively biophilic, we seek connections to nature and the presence of plant life in our environment. Nature has proven to have a significant impact on our well-being, too.

Gardens and greenery are not the first words that spring to mind when you think of Canary Wharf. Over the years we have seen Canary Wharf transform into a thriving metropolis – with extensive restaurants, shops and a year-long programme of arts and events. While people linger in Canary Wharf on a sunny evening, or head there for a spot of shopping and lunch at the weekend, they have historically left at the end of the day and migrated back to leafy neighbourhoods across the capital. This is no longer the case; Canary Wharf has become a lifestyle destination in its own right.

Wardian London’s botanical vision

This was the foundation and starting point for Wardian London, our development in partnership with EcoWorld, moments from Canary Wharf. We wanted to harness the power of nature to create a living environment for Londoners where they can relax and enjoy an escape from urban life, while still having the convenience of work, shops and the restaurants of Canary Wharf on their doorstep.

Wardian London takes inspiration from the Wardian glass case, the 19th Century creation of Dr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, which revolutionised the transportation of exotic plants from across the globe.

However the parallels between Ward and Wardian London extend beyond the plant life and natural landscaping. The vision is to take inspiration from his curiosity and his spirit of adventure. Wardian London has been designed with what has been termed ‘The Collector’ in mind. Similar to Ward’s thirst for exploring and collecting trophies from his travels, The Collector buyer has several homes around the world and collects trophy antiques and artefacts for their properties, creating a truly unique style and space. The bespoke penthouse interiors, designed by Studio Ashby, reflect this unique personality.

A penthouse for the high end buyers

Residents will have access to The Wardian Club, enabling access to exclusive facilities, including a 25m open air swimming pool, a gym, cinema, two restaurants, a vibrant rooftop sky observatory and a 24 hour concierge service.

One of the most sought after aspects of modern living is the gift of time, particular for The Collector, who is constantly on the move. Wardian London has been created to meet their needs, positioned on the doorstep of one of London’s most vibrant and well-connected commercial centres.

Wardian London’s innovative commitment to nature and style perfectly complements the exclusivity and connectivity that high-end buyers have come to expect.

Prices for the penthouses at Wardian London start from £1.85m. To register interest for the penthouse launch on 27 April, please visit or call 0800 404 8855

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