Advertorial: Need refuge from the concrete jungle, but can’t face the long commute? Wardian London has the answer.

EcoWorld Ballymore
The view from a Wardian London penthouse

Londoners are a famously diverse bunch, but when it comes to buying property, they go on a similar journey.

The first step on to the property ladder is typically a shoebox, the second is a quest for a spare room, and the third is a family house with a garden. But why should you have to forfeit a central location for space? Or contemporary living for a patch of green to call your own?

With the new penthouses at Wardian London, you don’t have to compromise. Each of the 12 duplexes perched atop these towers in the Docklands comes with a garden terrace that’s up to 32.7sqm in size, so you can return home and bask in your private oasis in the sky. Buyers actually do want it all and now they can have it, says Emma Colin, who markets the properties for developer EcoWorld Ballymore.

“Rather than going for your listed townhouse, we’re trying to fit those traditional luxuries into a modern environment,” she says. “Things are changing and people have really gravitated towards it because it’s so different from anything else.”

While most apartments worth their salt will come with a balcony added on these days, Wardian’s covered terraces have been designed as an integral part of the building by Glenn Howells Architects. Rising to 50 and 55 storeys , there are four three bed penthouses and four two beds in the West Tower and three two beds and one three bed in the East Tower, which rises to just over 600ft high.

The botanically-inspired lobby

But for the modern penthouse purchaser, the most precious commodity is time. That’s why the Wardian Gardener was invented, a service that’s tailored to suit the specific horticultural needs of the residents. Time poor? The Wardian Gardener will prune your oasis to perfection. New to gardening? A tailored garden will be drawn up to achieve the aesthetic you want with minimal effort.

The interiors, too, reflect Wardian London’s uniquely green credentials. EcoWorld Ballymore has commissioned a specialist bespoke team of designers to draw inspiration from its unique eco-concept. The decor fosters a strong connection between the inside and the outside, so that when all the windows are opened up, the space and the colours transition from the external space to the internal seamlessly.

Using an earthy colour palette with natural organic materials, traditional craft techniques were used to give the interiors an artisan’s touch. Expect to see lots of unlacquered marble, stone and brass, as well as raw, shaved, organic timber to lend them a hand-finished feel. The team has also thought a lot about how the materials will age, so homeowners don’t see a fast deterioration in the quality of their surroundings.

The homes themselves pay homage to Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, who created the Wardian case to transport exotic plants back to the UK from the farthest flung corners of the Empire. The communal spaces, too, are surrounded by over 100 different species of plants for residents to enjoy. These constant encounters with nature have already encouraged many medical professionals and buyers well-versed in well-being to express an interest in living in the towers, according to Wardian’s sales data.

The residents' swimming pool

“It really is about finding time to yourself,” Emma says. “The maintenance is taken care of for you, so you can sit and relax in your sky garden, swim in the pool, head to the gym or walk around the gardens – everything is where you are.”

Buying a home at Wardian gets rid of perhaps the largest waste of time at all – the commute. Overlooking South Dock, it’s only a three minute walk away from all the shops, bars and restaurants of Cabot Square.

From the shopping crowds at weekends to the young families in the restaurants, Canary Wharf is changing into a place that people want to live as well as work. “People have really fallen in love with Canary Wharf,” Emma says,

“You can’t underestimate the draw of water; nothing beats having a coffee next to the river. While there are lots of places in London to do that, there aren’t many where you can do that after a day’s shopping.”

But when you need respite from the buzz of Canary Wharf, the refuge you seek is only the other side of Underground station, in your green haven in the sky.

Prices for the penthouses at Wardian London start from £1.85m. To register interest for the penthouse launch on 27 April, visit or call 0800 404 8855

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