The gig economy won't boom, because most people want real jobs, Glassdoor survey finds

Helen Cahill
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The gig economy has its limits (Source: Getty)

The rise of the gig-economy will be limited this year, new research suggests, as the majority of workers prefer stable employment.

A survey by employment website Glassdoor has found that only 13 per cent of workers would consider a job in the gig economy.

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The vast majority of potential workers (76 per cent) would opt for a secure job with clear salaries, benefits and career progression.

Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist, said: “The gig economy may be associated with prodigious growth of app-based taxi rides and food delivery, however, as we’ve already witnessed in the US, the impact on the UK workforce could remain minimal in the longer term.

“Don’t expect the majority of the workforce to be part-time contractors any time soon.”

He said that the fastest-growing parts of the labour market were in jobs that required soft skills such as creativity, flexibility and judgement, rather than relatively simple jobs such driving cars and bicycles, which are the kind of opportunities offered by the likes of Uber and Deliveroo.

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