Not a-moosed: Handelsbanken chair Par Boman questioned by Swedish prosecutors over elk hunting accusations

Hayley Kirton
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A number of high profile names have been caught up in the alleged scandal (Source: Getty)

The chairman of Swedish bank Handelsbanken confirmed late last night he had been questioned by prosecutors over elk hunting accusations.

Par Boman said he was quizzed by a prosecutor from the Swedish Prosecution Authority over hunting trips he had taken hosted by fostery firm Holmen while he was chief executive of the bank between 2006 and 2015.

A number of top Swedish finance names, including former finance minister Anders Borg, have already been caught up in allegations they either offered or accepted bribes while on the company's trips.

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However, Boman said he had already been open about his participation in the trips. He added that, because the events were being run by an external party, he had checked with the bank's then-chair before going.

Boman noted he had since been on two trips with the company after becoming chairman but had paid his own way both times.

"According to the legal experts that I have consulted, my participation has thus been entirely in order, and in accordance with the law," Boman said. "Now, however, the prosecutor is making a different assessment, initially.

"My intention is to continue co-operating fully with the prosecutor and his team, in order to clarify this matter."

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Holmen did not comment specifically on the Handelsbanken announcement. However, the firm has previously said of the investigation that it is not of the opinion that it had "contravened applicable rules" and had "provided the information requested in the preliminary investigation and continues to cooperate with the prosecutor".

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