BT says it's "drastically reduced" nuisance calls

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BT launched its "Call Protect" service to protect against nuisance callers less than three months ago (Source: Getty)

BT reckons it has "drastically reduced" the number of nuisance calls reaching customers, with two-thirds of unwanted calls automatically diverted to a junk voicemail box.

If all of its customers signed up to its free service, "BT Call Protect" would divert a whopping 1.6bn calls every year. BT estimates half of these calls are from PPI and accident claims companies.

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To test its estimates, BT trawled through its own data to find out the top five worst nuisance callers for the week commencing 4 March.

Rank Category Volume Percentage
1 Accident claims 12,211,599 41.0pc
2 Personal details scammers 5,439,781 18.5pc
3 Computer scam 3,593,103 12.6pc
4 Debt collection 2,212,713 7.5pc
5 PPI 1,892,479 6.4 pc
Other 4,131,102 14.0pc
Total 29,480,477

BT's chief exec of consumer John Petter said: “This is great news for our customers, but bad news for the nuisance calls industry, like personal accident claims and PPI.

"The response to BT Call Protect has been massive. Having more than two million customers already using the service is a fantastic achievement in our fight against the companies that pester our customers with millions of nuisance calls.”

On top of registering for the service, customers can report nuisance callers to the 1572 number. More than 80,000 logs are being made each week, BT said.


One BT customer, Luigi Gallo from Leicester told the firm: "I used to get at least six or seven calls a week where I was told I have a computer virus – even though I don’t own a computer. The service has made a real difference."

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But Gallo added the scheme had taken some of the fun out of his life. He said:

I still get the odd one or two, but the fact I can quickly add them to my personal blacklist and I won’t hear from them again is comforting. Although I do miss winding them up by playing along with them about switching on my computer only to tell them I don’t own one.

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