Jaguar unveils its most affordable F-Type yet from £49,900 for sports car fans

Rebecca Smith
Meet the most
Meet the most "accessible" F-Type yet (Source: Jaguar)

Jaguar is looking to reach more sports car fans than before with the launch of its four cylinder F-Type, its most affordable version yet.

The entry-level sports car joins Jaguar's V6-engined coupe and convertible versions, and will also be offered in closed roof and soft-top editions.

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Unveiled at the New York Motor Show, Jaguar's sleek new car goes on sale from spring 2017 and will cost from £49,900. The cheapest V6, with a 3.0 litre supercharged petrol engine costs £51,540.

And as for the speed demons out there, acceleration from 0-60mph takes 5.4 seconds, while its maximum speed is 155mph. The engine's maximum torque of 400Nm, generated from 1,400rpm, delivers "exceptional response" throughout the rev range, according to Jaguar.

The model's ingenium engine contributes to an overall vehicle weight reduction of 52kg, predominantly over the front axle, which the car giant says is crucial to the F-Type's enhanced agility.

Ian Hoban, vehicle line director for Jaguar F-Type, said: "Introducing our advanced four-cylinder engine to F-Type has created a vehicle with its own distinct character. Performance from an engine of this size is remarkable and is balanced with improved fuel efficiency and affordability, making the F-Type experience more accessible than ever before.”

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The car giant also said fuel consumption reduction was more than 16 per cent when compared to the 340PS V6. It also pumps out fewer CO2 emissions at 163g/km.

It was manufactured in the UK at Jaguar Land Rover's £1bn engine manufacturing centre.

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