Is a £75 Easter egg worth it? We taste test the UK's poshest chocolate eggs: from Bulgari to Heston Blumental to Waitrose-own

Which is this year's finest egg (clue: neither of these ones) (Source: Greg Sigston / City A.M. )

For longer than anyone can remember, City A.M. has held an annual egg tasting test - but these are not just any eggs, they're the UK's most expensive eggs.

Is this year's Heston Blumenthal offering egg-straordinary? Were we shell-shocked by one egg's £75 pricetag? What business does Bulgari have trying to make an Easter egg anyway? Here’s the verdict from the newsroom on the class of 2017.

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WINNER Heston for Waitrose, Eggstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg
9/10, £20,

Bespectacled egg-head Heston Blumental has encased his 65 per cent dark chocolate creation in a white chocolate layer so it looks like a giant version of the real deal. Crack it open to discover mini sea salt caramel eggs you can dip into an edible soil made from cacao nibs, freeze-dried passionfruit and white chocolate shards.
• “It tastes posh, but looks like a squashed skin planet”
• “Like Nesquik for grown ups in solid form”
• “Rolo egg on steroids”

RUNNER UP Waitrose Hand-Decorated Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg
8/10, £7,
This milk and dark chocolate egg may not be most expensive, but it can still afford the same hairdresser as Boris Johnson. It’s also packed with chewy caramel and sprinkled with chunky fudge pieces.
• “The Lionel Messi of eggs. Probably the best”
• “Very fudgey, rich and delicious”
• “Not as good as a free coffee”

Pierre Marcolini, Eggs Inside an Egg
5/10, £50,
Ideal for that fickle friend that doesn’t know what they want, this milk and dark chocolate egg is stuffed with 22 mini eggs, six bells and caramel animals. Only available in Marcolini shops.
• “A playful riff on a fruity white chocolate”
• “White chocolate is very sweet, but it’s a nice contrast with the bitter dark”
• “Not as posh as it looks”

Hotel Chocolat, Dark Ostrich Egg
7/10, £75,
Coming in at over a kilo of chocolate, this Messianic monster is 70 per cent dark chocolate peppered with hazelnuts and almonds, spawning dark pralines, truffles and caramels.
• “Deliciously dark, smooth chocolate with a welcome nutty surprise. An egg for grown ups”
• “Nice thickness, nuts don’t add much but kudos for being unashamedly dark ”
• “Overpriced – money can’t buy you love”

Bulgari, Easter Nest Egg
4/10, £26,
Billed as “confectionary art”, this red velvet coated egg is draped in feather-like dark and golden chocolate ribbons. Sitting on a solid base of white chocolate with chocolate chips, it’s available to take away from the Bulgari Hotel London.
• “More pretentious than Alan Yentob at a private view”
• “Base is better-tasting than the flimsy egg”
• “The best design by far, but just dark chocolate”

Waitrose Milk Chocolate Egg with Mini Bars
6/10, £10,
For the ethical eggers, this hollow milk chocolate egg is dusted with “gold lustre” and comes with four Fair Trade bars.
• “Good chunky bite and the milk chocolate is the right side of sweet”
• “Nothing special, but also can’t fault it.”
• “Great milkiness”

Pierre Marcolini Hand Fan Doll
2/10, £75,
The piece de resistance of the haute chocolatier’s Kawaii Easter collection, it’s accompanied by mini eggs filled with four different pralines. Only available in Marcolini shops.
• “Weird medical after taste”
• “This horrible little person tastes like a service station”
• “Not a fan – geddit?”

Carluccio’s Milk Chocolate Egg with Gianduiotti Surprise
3/10, £19.95,
This pageant-ready, foil wrapped egg carries a litter of gianduiotti hazelnut chocolates inside.
• “Thin and tedious”
• “Nothing special, but nice chocolate”
• “Easter eggs are not an Italian forte”

Demarquette School Run Milk Chocolate Giant Easter Egg
7/10, £30,
Hey, fish lay eggs, too! In fact, this artistic oval is dedicated to the original cradle of life – the ocean. A hollow egg made with milk chocolate and decorated with “gold” fishes.
• “All Faberge, no flavour”
• “Thick, creamy, with a little bit of nut on the finish”
• “Looks incredible”

Prestat Hot Cross Bun Spiced Egg
6/10, £17.50,
A white chocolate cross adorns this egg that tries to combine Easter’s two main culinary delights. The milk chocolate is infused with warming spices and orange.
• “Does taste like a hot cross bun”
• “Dense, sickly, smells like Christmas”
• “Not unpleasant, but feels sacrilegious”

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