Good weather no longer important after Brexit vote? Retirees now want Britirements

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It may seem there is nothing the UK’s Brexit vote hasn’t been blamed for in the past 10 months, from the City’s faltering flotation market to Toblerones shrinking in size.

Here is a new one, courtesy of housing and care provider Anchor: retiring Britons have lost their taste for good (i.e. non-British) weather.

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According to Anchor, 45 per cent of people over 50 and less likely to retire abroad after the EU referendum. Of those who were previously considering leaving the UK to retire in Europe, 41 per cent are now less likely to make the switch.

The researchers found retirees were motivated to stay at home to retain access to the NHS. They were also concerned about the unclear future of the UK. Warm weather is important, but not all important.

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Anchor chief executive Jane Ashcroft said:

Our research shows that people thinking about retirement want to feel stable and safe in older age.

With so much uncertainty around Brexit deterring people from retiring abroad, we’ve seen a huge surge of interest from people wanting to retire in England.

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