The number of council workers on £150,000+ salaries rose 10 per cent last year

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More than 500 workers pocket more than £150,000 salaries last year (Source: Getty)

The number of council workers earning more than £150,000 increased by just over 10 per cent last year, according to new figures.

A total of 2,314 council staff banked a salary of more than £100,000 in 2015-16, with 539, almost a quarter, taking home more than £150,000, up by 53 since last year.

The local authority with the most employees earning over £100,000 was Southwark, with 44 staff earning over that threshold.

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The figures come as part of research from pressure group TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA), which has questioned why local authorities have failed to reign in top level pay.

TPA chief executive John O'Connell said: “Despite many in the public sector facing a much-needed pay freeze to help bring the public finances under control, many town hall bosses are continuing to pocket huge remuneration packages, with the number of people on six-figure deals actually going up since last year.

"There are talented people in the public sector who are trying to deliver more for less, but the sheer scale of these packages raise serious questions about efficiency and priorities."

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But the Local Government Association (LGA) hit back, warning that councils must be able to retain skilled and experienced staff to deliver important work.

“Local government is committed to providing value for money to taxpayers and, nationally, incoming chief executives are being paid lower salaries than their predecessors’ and average chief executive salaries continue to decline year-on-year,” LGA resources board chair Claire Kober said.

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