How dealmakers inject some fun into M&A with deal codenames such as Project Gandalf, Project Jedi and Project Gryffindor

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Lord Of The Rings - Photocall
Intralinks found codenames including Project Gandalf, Project Superman and Project Jedi (Source: Getty)

Much like girls in the 1983 Cyndi Lauper hit, dealmakers just want to have fun. Or at least some of them, according to an Intralinks analysis of 5,000 transactions in 2016.

The study has revealed the most popular deal codenames used in the Intralinks Virtual Data Room, with Project Blue, Project Diamond and Project Falcon coming top. Project X and Project Panther also appeared in the top 10.

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Some of the less popular, but more inventive, codenames identified were Project Jedi, Project Lannister, Project Wolverine, Project Superman, Project Gandalf and Project Gryffindor.

Intralinks vice president for strategy and product marketing Matt Porzio said: “If you think about it, associating a powerful word in popular culture with a demanding deal process injects a bit of humour into a very stressful situation.

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“Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Game of Thrones references can certainly inspire amusing conversations.”

Intralinks also has an M&A project name generator on its website: Enjoy!

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