The new high-fliers: Private jet demand is soaring among millennial customers

Rebecca Smith
Forget owning a house, millennials have an eye on spreading their wings
Forget owning a house, millennials have an eye on spreading their wings (Source: Stratajet)

Millennials may consider themselves an unlucky generation financially, but according to private jet booking platform Stratajet they still have sky-high ambitions...

The platform consulted its database of 10,000 members and found the fastest-growing customer group was the 18-24 year-olds, while the number of women searching for private jets has doubled since 2016 and is rising faster than men.

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Private jets have often been dubbed the domain of male business executives, but Stratajet says the market has opened up to an increasingly tech-savvy and younger private flier.

The most active segment is the 25-34 age group which carried out nearly a third of all searches on the site, while over two-thirds of the searches were performed by customers aged 44 or younger. Stratajet said this bucked the industry average of passengers being over the age of 40 and it wasn't just searches; these translated into bookings too.

Stratajet offers a search engine to compile costs of a range of aircrafts for users, which can then be booked instantly, providing quick access to private jets.

Jonny Nicol, founder and chief executive of Stratajet, said:

As consumers become increasingly time-poor, they require instant access to a range of services and private jet travel should be no different. So it is encouraging that this data demonstrates a much-needed shift in the mentality of the private aviation industry.

"The adoption of technology, especially via smartphone devices, will continue to lift the industry’s barriers of inaccessibility, in turn increasing the scope for more and more people to find that private jet travel is well within their means," he added. "As this happens we fully expect smartphones to become the go-to means for consumers to access private aviation, further changing the way people travel.”

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