Middle children are 30pc more likely to be chief executives: What your order of birth means about your career

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There's been a lot of talk about how your birth order affects your success in life - but what does the order of your birth actually mean for your future career?

Although the general view is that eldest children tend to be the most successful (and intelligent), new research suggests middle children are 30 per cent more likely to be chief executives - while eldest children tend to take on more attention-grabbing careers such as rock star, astronaut or, ahem, reality TV star.

The research, commissioned by Disney, analysed 550 of the most successful people in 11 careers and found the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Lord Alan Sugar and Bill Gates have one thing in common: they are middle children.

Meanwhile, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are both eldest children, as are Stephen Hawking and Tim Berners Lee.

Middle children are also most likely to be politicians, Olympians and authors, while youngest children tend to be more creative and adventurous, taking on careers as composers or explorers.

Psychologist Emma Kenny, who performed the research, said: "The research conducted over the last month has shown that birth order is a significant factor in determining employment role types between siblings - overall there are far more typical cases than exceptions."

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