Eurosceptics say ending EU budget contributions - not reforming migration - is number one Brexit priority

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The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June. (Source: Getty)

Eurosceptics do not consider migration reform one of their top two priorities for Brexit, new research has shown.

Brexiteers say Prime Minister Theresa May should regard an end to EU budget contributions as her number one focus in negotiations.

Polling by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft saw migration ranked as the third priority among Leave voters, behind both budget payments and the European Court of Justice.

Asked to give a value out of 100 for the importance of a handful of different issues, migration notched an average score of 76.

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By contrast, the end of EU budget contributions scored 85, and the ECJ scored 80.

Securing free trade with EU member states was scored at 73 by the Leave voters.

By contrast, Remain backers overwhelmingly pointed to free trade as their number one priority for talks.

May and her ministers have all suggested the UK could continue paying money in to the EU, although the scale of those contributions has yet to be made clear.

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The polls also provided fresh evidence of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's unpopularity with the electorate.

40 per cent of Labour voters who backed Brexit said that May would make the better Prime Minister, compared to just 30 per cent who backed Corbyn.

One Labour Leave backer in a focus group said: “I’ve voted Labour all my life, but Corbyn! If he’s still leader next time I’m voting Green. What a waste of space. He’s just a protest politician.”

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