Bank of England says you've got less than a month before you'll have to use fatty £5 notes

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​Florence Nightingale featured on the tenner from 1975 to 1994 (Source: Getty)

Got a non-polymer (paper) fiver? You have less than a month before you won't be able to use it anymore, the Bank of England has warned.

On 5 May paper £5 notes will be withdrawn from circulation, meaning the picture of social reformer Elizabeth Fry will cease to feature on our lolly.

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Although Fry's fivers won't be legal tender after 5 May you will still able to replace it for a new one by popping down the Bank of England or sticking it in the post to them to exchange it. Alternatively, you can swap the old notes at your local bank.

The UK's central bank will replace your old money, no matter of age. "All withdrawn Bank of England notes remain payable at face value for all time," it highlighted on its website.

Withdrawn banknotes since 1988

Denomination​ Character on back of note ​ Date Issued ​ ​Date withdrawn
​£50 ​Sir John Houblon ​20 April 1994 ​30 April 2014
£20​ ​Sir Edward Elgar ​22 June 1999 ​30 June 2010
£5​ ​George Stephenson ​7 June 1990 ​21 November 2003
£10 ​Charles Dickens ​29 April 1992 ​31 July 2003
£20​​ ​Michael Faraday ​5 June 1991 ​28 February 2001
​£50​​ ​Sir Christopher Wren​​ ​​20 March 1981 ​20 September 1996
£10 ​Florence Nightingale ​20 February 1975 ​20 May 1994
​£20​ ​William Shakespeare ​9 July 1970 ​19 March 1993
​£5​ ​Duke of Wellington ​11 November 1971 ​29 November 1991
​£1 ​Isaac Newton ​9 February 1978 ​11 March 1988

The replacement of £5 notes means there have three versions in circulation since its old sibling, the tenner, was last replaced in July 2003.

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The new £10 will also be made of polymer, this is despite concerns raised that the £5 note contained traces of tallow fat. The Bank of England is pressing on with printing with plans to issue the new £10 note, featuring the head of author Jane Austen, in September 2017.