Arnie finds his softer side and Baldwin goes goo-goo is this weekend's movie picks

James Luxford

The Boss Baby


Dir. Tom McGrath
Alec Baldwin takes time out from Trump-baiting on SNL to voice a business-savvy baby forced to get on with his new big brother.

Racing from one punchline to the next, the writers seem keenly aware of the utter paucity of plot. There are occasional hints at something resembling satire, but it’s never long before the next nappy joke. Baldwin at least sounds like he's having a lot of fun, gleefully poking fun at his past roles and supplying the energy desperately needed to keep things interesting.

It’s a fun ninety minutes but a more involved plot could have put it up there with the big boys.

Aftermath (15)


Dir. Elliot Lester
Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a man who loses his wife and pregnant daughter in a plane disaster, later discovered to be the error of an air traffic controller (Scoot McNairy). His grief turns to obsession when he goes looking for an apology.

This ain’t your regular Arnie movie, however. No punches are thrown, not guns are shot; instead of a towering hero the Austrian plays a quiet, grief stricken man. Combined with the ever reliable McNairy, we have two well developed, sympathetic characters on a collision course, and the result is quietly heartbreaking. The film asks difficult questions about grief, trauma and family, and offers no clear-cut answers. The finale is devastating. It's no exaggeration to say this could be the beginning of a new chapter for the 69-year-old former Terminator.

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