Someone has invented a mathematical equation to help you beat the queue at the bar

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Fancy some pub maths? (Source: Getty)

Who said maths would never be useful out in the real world?

Now, a mathematical formula has been created to help frustrated consumers get ahead in pub queues.

Apparently, this equation will help the 71 per cent of us who get angry while waiting for a drink come to grips with crowds at the bar.

The formula weighs a number of different variables, including the number of patrons in the bar and the size of the staff to create a relative serve speed.

Here it is:

​Czech beer maker Kozel along with Oxford University behavioural psychologist Peter Collett created an in-depth study of Britons' habits at the bar.

Collett also outlined a number of subtle queue-handling techniques to help you get ahead of the crowd.

"There are tactics that you can employ to get ahead in the queue, such as always going back to the same bartender or even pretending to work in the bar and walking through the crowd with a handful of empties. But, if you are too obvious in your ploys then you could end up waiting longer, with bar staff getting fed up with your pushy tactics," Collett said.

Collett suggested employing the "serve" method for speedier service:

  1. Slipstream – place yourself behind the customers moving towards the bar fastest
  2. Echo – grab some glasses and a tray and channel your inner bartender
  3. Return – go back to the same bartender every time
  4. Vision – stay in the bartender’s eye line to maximise your chances of being next
  5. Engage – make friends with your fellow queuers, they might just say you’re next

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