Nigel Farage was just booed by fellow MEPs - after accusing them of acting "like the Mafia"

Caitlin Morrison
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Nigel Farage wasn't winning any friends at today's EU parliament meeting

Nigel Farage has been booed by his fellow MEPs during this morning's EU Parliament, after telling European politicians they were acting like the Mafia.

Farage told MEPs in Strasbourg: "You're behaving like the Mafia. You think we're hostage, we're not, we're free to go."

He was then jeered at by the other members of the parliament. Jerzy Buzek, president of the EU Parliament censured Farage for his speech, stating: "I'm trying to give you the chance to speak and say everything you want to say, but if you're talking about the Mafia, you're saying this parliament is behaving like the Mafia - as far as I'm concerned that's unacceptable."

The president's words were greeted with applause, and the former Ukip leader replied: "I do understand national sensitivities, I'll change it to gangsters."

Farage was then booed once again. You can watch the events unfold here:

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