CindyBot, a Facebook chatbot created by Cindy Gallop and R/GA, will help you ask for a pay rise like a total boss (Equal Pay Day or not)

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CindyBot will help you ask for a pay rise

Ever worried about asking for a pay rise? Ended up shying away from it because you're just not sure how to approach the matter?

If you're a woman, you're far from alone. Research suggests women are less likely to ask for better pay than men and that's often been cited as a reason behind the gap in wages between genders, which currently stands at 13.9 per cent in the UK.

Never fear, help is here, thanks to a nifty little chatbot which might just give you the nudge you'll need to start what many feel, is an incredibly awkward conversation.

The CindyBot, a Facebook messenger chatbot created with women's champion Cindy Gallop and ad agency R/GA. It makes anyone (woman or man) get geared up, offering tips on the right things to ask, how to prepare and a much-needed pep talk, all in one, from a woman in business who's totally bossing it so you can too.

The tech helper was launched as the US approaches equal pay day, the day of the year when women are effectively working for free for the rest of the year due to the disparity in pay with men.

"Women are 25 per cent less likely to get a raise than men. And since I cant light a fire under all your asses individually, I made myself into a bot," said Gallop.

Watch Gallop test it out her bot in this video. (And give the bot a go here)

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