Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler is teaming up with Bosch to bring driverless taxis to the world's roads

Rebecca Smith
The future of transportation?
The future of transportation? (Source: Daimler)

The latest duo to have teamed up in the race to get ahead with driverless cars is none other than Bosch and Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler.

The two German giants aren't just looking at driverless cars though, they have their sights set on bringing "fully automated and driverless driving to urban roads by the beginning of the next decade". In other words, stay tuned for driverless taxis coming to a road near you.

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They will of course be up against tech firms in this space, including Uber and Google, as well as most big car companies, with BMW partnering up with Israeli technology firm Mobileye and chip maker Intel last year.

In February, Ford said it was investing $1bn in its new driverless car unit Argo.

But as the world's largest maker of premium cars and the world's largest automotive supplier, the new six-year tie-up has some clout of its own as it ramps up efforts to become the first to offer the technology commercially.

"The prime objective of the project is to achieve the production-read development of a driving system which will allow cars to drive fully autonomously in the city," Daimler said.

Within a certain area of a town, customers will be able to order an automated shared car via their smartphone, with the vehicle then making its way to the user, autonomously of course. So the vehicle will come to the driver, rather than the other way around, according to Daimler.

The aim: Driverless cars on urban public roads
The aim: Driverless cars on urban public roads (Source: Daimler)

The partnership will look to put driverless taxis on the road in four locations, including Silicon Valley and Stuttgart in Germany.

The announcement also signals an end to Daimler's efforts to develop a driverless car predominantly on its own, as alliances are formed in expectation of the market booming, as is expected to happen over the next couple of decades.

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