As 3m Londoners are warned over inactivity, here are 10 super-easy ways to get more exercise

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Laziness is shortening people's lives (Source: Getty)

More than 2.7m people in London are so inactive they could be shortening their own lives, the British Heart Foundation has warned.

Research by the charity has found 40 per cent of adults in the capital are physically inactive, with 1.6m women and 1.1m men doing less than the 150 minutes a week the government recommends.

The study suggested three-quarters of Londoners who suffer heart attacks or undergo heart surgery are failing to meet those recommendations, with one in 10 premature deaths in the UK caused by physical inactivity.

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“Physical inactivity is one of the most significant global health crises of the moment," said Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation.

"Levels of physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour in the UK remain stubbornly high, and combined these two risk factors present a substantial threat to our cardiovascular health and risk of early death."

But more research by Vitality suggests there are easy ways to increase your activity. Getting off the bus a stop early and walking can burn an extra 175 calories a week, for example - while half an hour standing at the office can burn as many as 415 calories.

The study, of 6,600 people, found people who increased their activity levels to 150 minutes a week increased their life expectancy by 3.1 years. Meanwhile, those doing 90 minutes a week pushed up their life expectancy by 2.7 years.

The good news is, Vitality has identified easy ways to burn calories - without a hint of lycra...

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Activity Calories burnt in a week (women) Calories burnt in a week (men)
One hour of gardening 279 332
Five minutes of walking upstairs at work a day 93 111
Walking around house carrying a 15lb infant 285 339
Getting off the bus a stop early and walking 175 208
Taking the baby for a 20-minute walk in the pram 349.0 415.0
30 minutes of standing at the office every day 385 460
One hour of house work a week 210 249
Washing the car once a week 157 187
A 30 minute walk to the station every day 524 623
Walking the dog for 10 minutes a day 244 291

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