Business owners are ditching their desks in favour of coffee shops

Georgina Varley
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No more desks: Workers are looking elsewhere (Source: Getty)

​Over a quarter of the UK’s small business owners prefer working in coffee shops rather than in an office, according to research carried out by Direct Line for Business.

The study also found that 14 per cent of small business owners prefer working in restaurants, 11 per cent find bars to be productive environments and 8 per cent favour working outside.

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When those surveyed were questioned about their preference for working remotely, work­-life balance, flexibility, and increased efficiency were noted as common reasons for that choice. Saving money on transport and operational overheads also influenced 16 per cent in their decision.

Only one in 11 remote workers worry that their colleagues or clients may think less of them if they don’t work in an office.

Jane Guaschi, Business Manager at Direct Line for Business, said: “Many small business owners aspire to work in creative and engaging work spaces and the wealth of Wi­-Fi hot spots now available allows them to turn a high street coffee shop into a mobile business hub.”

However, there are negatives to remote working.

Small business owners often have to manage their companies on the go, with 19 per cent working whilst waiting for flights and 18 per cent working on public transport.

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The research shows that limited Wi-Fi access affects 35 per cent of small business owners who work on the move.

Other concerns raised in the study include the inability to find a power source, which affects 23 per cent of small business owners working remotely, greater distractions (affecting 24 per cent) and a lack of social interaction with colleagues (affecting 14 per cent).